Woven is for women to find freedom that only comes through Christ. As we
pursue Christ and become more like Him, our lives are intersecting and being
woven together - both vertically with Christ as well as horizontally with one
another. Woven is a safe place for women to come as they are, to be fully
seen and fully known. The prayer is for Woven to bring women in, unify
them for the Gospel, and send them back to their local churches to pour out
into the women in the places the Lord has put them.



Woven is for all women.

A high school girl wrestling with the pressures facing girls her age.
A college student navigating new-found independence.
The 20-something adjusting to post-college life.

The 30 year old struggling because life has not turned out exactly how she planned.
The middle aged woman whose role is shifting from caring for kids to caring for aging parents.
The older woman wondering what her purpose is now in this season of life.

The broken needing restoration.
The lonely yearning for community.
The forgotten longing to be seen.
The lost looking to be found.
The weary searching for rest.
The fulfilled looking to pour out.

Woven is for You.



  • We believe in one God who is the Creator of all things.

  • We believe in the Trinity - God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.

  • We believe Jesus is the perfect Son of God, who was born of a virgin, Mary. He dwelt among us - fully God and fully man, yet He did not sin.

  • We believe Jesus was crucified on the cross and was raised to life 3 days later.

  • We believe that reconciliation of sinful man to a Holy God comes only through belief in Jesus Christ and repentance from sin.

  • We believe Jesus is coming again and those who have believed in the resurrection


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